7 Nico Robin Tattoo Ideas (only fans would recognize)

Nico Robin devil transformation on a tattoo

So, You want to get a tattoo of Nico Robin ? Let’s talk first about this misterious character  She has popularly desired character traits (calm, badass in battle, mature etc) and no offensive gag (her main gag is hilarious dark humour). That said, she’s just good as a character overall, heavily underutilized in post-timeskip and … Read more

9 One Piece Nami Tattoos that will make your day !

Nami is a fictional character belonging to the Japanese media franchise One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda. Ex-member of the crew Pirates of Arlong she is part of the crew of Luffy in which she holds the role of navigator and cartographer. if you want to get Nami tattoed on you , it would’nt be … Read more

9 One piece Sanji Tattoos (Only True chefs would Get)

Sanji is one of the main characters in One piece Saga. Along with Zoro, they are the OG commanders of the main character of the series Strawhat Luffy. Getting a tattoo of Sanji would  signify that you have a huge passion for cooking, embracing your sexy and seductive side, and you have probably a smoking addiction. … Read more

6 Red Hair Shanks Tattoo Ideas (Only true fans would get)

shanks eye scar tattoo

So you’re a huge fan of the One Piece saga and you decided to get a tattoo of your favourite character Shanks ? you’re not alone, Shanks is a fan favourite and his popularity among one piece fans skyrocketed after the Wano-Kuni ark, and months before the release of The movie RED here in the … Read more