Succubus tattoo meaning and symbolism

Succubus tattoos are often portrayed as women or demons with wings coming out of their backs. They come from the tales of the medieval period where they would take on a female form to seduce men in order to suck their life energy.

Succubi are not purely evil, they can be caring depending on their moods.

The design typically involves winged beings with pointed tails, surreal eyes, and generally demonic qualities.

Depending on the intended message of the tattoo and its placement on the wearer’s body, they are often extremely detailed and specific to the individual wearer.Commonly, these tattoos depict a large angelic or demonic-looking creature with a female or androgynous form on the back, chest, or shoulder of the wearer.

The fact that they can change shape so effortlessly is part of what makes them so terrifying.

Succubus chest tattoo
The suffix ‘-by’ or ‘-bi’ means “one who” . Succubus chest tattoo @ siccsad

So, what’s the meaning behind succubus tattoos?

A popular design among women, the meaning behind a succubus tattoo is to embrace the dark and misunderstood parts of oneself.

Their power comes from their demonic and erotic nature, and usually in most tales they were either portrayed as female demons who sucked the life out of men or angels who tempted mortals with beauty so they could destroy them by distracting them from their faith.

In other traditions, succubus tattoos were used to scare young men into remaining chaste and faithful to the woman who bore them because otherwise they would be forced to become monsters.

The beautiful thing about this tattoo design is that it can also symbolize a person’s inner strength to overcome any fear or weakness in their life.

As a means of protection, symbols such as this one remind the wearer of their potential dangers and the various steps they need to take in order to protect themselves. This tattoo can also be worn by someone who already knows how to defend themselves against succubi and other creatures that pose a threat. For those who don’t know how, these tattoos may serve as a warning and reminder that there is much more than meets the eye.

Succubus tattoos are often used by women to represent their sexuality and the power they have over men.

what is the best color for a succubus tattoo?

I think you should stick with darker colors like black and red. Remember she is a devil, not an angel.

This design can be placed on any part of the body, but is usually done on the arm  mint.tatts

What’s the best bodypart to get a succubus tattoo?

I’d say the lower back or shoulder blade area, because I think they are very sensual and sexual parts of the body.

Prisoner Succubus tattoo
Prisoner Succubus ( Tattoo by @denial_oliver_blackwork )

What tattoos are similar to the meaning of succubus?

If you want to know some pieces that are similar in meaning, it would be something like a fairy, a Siren, and of course anything that can be mystical or dark.

Let’s see some Succubus tattoo ideas

the naughty girl


This cute yet evil tattoo can reveal the naughty side of your personality

The anime fan

Feeling witchy ?


Succubus heart tattooed on a finger


Falling in love

Succubus side arm tattoo
Succubus side arm tattoo @ erka3dtattoo